Welcome to my website!  I am an assistant professor of economics and graduate 
advisor for the Master of Arts in Economics program at CSULB.  I received my Ph.D. 
from George Washington University in 2008.  My fields of specialization include 
natural resource and environmental economics and applied microeconomics.  I 
regularly teach Managerial Economics (Econ 333), Intermediate Microeconomics 
(Econ 310), Advanced Microeconomics (Econ 410/510), and Natural Resource 
Economics (464/564).

My research interests include environmental policy issues as they relate to firm and 
household behavior and valuation of natural resources.  I have a number of ongoing 
projects in these areas.  I am investigating the adoption of new technologies in 
response to environmental regulations in the electric generating industry.  I am also 
looking at the impact of infrastructure access on welfare for rural households in the 
Brazilian Amazon.  Finally, I am involved in a multidisciplinary project that is 
tracking the ecological and economic value of urban wetlands in Southern California 
over time.