Dustin Thoman

Department of Psychology

California State University, Long Beach


I am a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at California State University, Long Beach. My training is in social psychology, with expertise in quantitative analysis. My research is both theoretical and applied. My work focuses on the development of student interest, and the influence of stereotypes and social identities in shaping the development of studentsí educational and career interests. Through consulting and program development, I also work to improve educational programs, particularly those designed to broaden participation and promote diversity in science and math education, through theoretically and empirically-grounded approaches.


On these pages, Iíve provided information about my research interests, funding, publications, teaching, as well as links to the websites of some of my collaborators and other related sites. You can also learn more about the activities and students in my research lab by visiting the Motivation & Social Identity Lab website.


If you wish to contact me, my email address is provided below. For more information about my educational background, awards, grants & fellowships, and professional activities, see my Curriculum Vita.