Welcome to WCAAS, the Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies. WCAAS (usually pronounced "WICK-us") is the western regional affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies. Established in 1963, it is a dynamic scholarly organization with a worldwide membership. Its annual conferences, which draw hundreds of participants from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, are held in cities in the western United States, Mexico, and western Canada, and constitute the largest gathering of Asianists in the region.

Established with the support of the Association for Asian Studies, WCAAS has a long and fruitful history. WCAAS is an independent, non-profit organization governed by an Executive Board which annually elects a President and other officers.

Steven I. Levine, Ph.D Harvard University, is the current President of WCAAS. He is the Mansfield Professor of Asian Pacific Studies at the University of Montata Mansfield Center. To contact Dr. Levine, E-mail him at: chinabox@selway.umt.edu

Please check the WCAAS 2003 conference web site for information on the 2003 annual conference which will be hosted by Arizona State University and the ASU Center for Asian Studies October 9-11.

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Last updated: December, 2002