I would like to compliment our colleagues at the University of Montana for a wonderful conference. When one considers the September 11th bombing and the cancellation of many regular activities, we are very proud that the conference proceeded. The program was nicely balanced, and one of the highlights was the Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Professor Frank F. Conlon, who is one of the most accomplished leaders in South Asian Studies. Again, our thanks to UM faculty, Lou Hayes, Steve Levine, Phil West, and the student coordinator Brian Lofink.

Among the changes to the WCAAS Board are the addition of Wei Hui-ying, from Weber State University, and the actual transfer of our treasury to our treasurer John Leung. An important change is that due to increased professional obligations, Shelton Woods has resigned as editor of the WCAAS Selected Papers. Greg Lewis, of Weber State University, has stepped up to the plate and was unanimously approved as our new editor. We expressed our gratitude to Shelton Woods, who will still be active in our conferences.

Next year's conference will be led by Eric Hyer, at Brigham Young University. So mark your calendars for: September 26-28, 2002. The 2003 conference venue will be at Arizona State University. The program chairs will be Timothy Wong, who is the Director of the Center for Asian Studies, and John Leung, at Northern Arizona University.

Finally, in a year of difficulty for education, where 32 billion dollars were cut in the first few weeks after September 11th, I want to commend all members of our board, and of our region for their willingness to serve regional conferences of this nature. We believe in the solidarity of the scholarly world and the mission it can serve to the broader society.

I wish everyone a happy and productive year.

Marilyn A. Levine, Executive Secretary of the WCAAS
January, 2002

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Last updated: January 23, 2002