Adopted 7 December 1974 - Amended 17 October 1998


The Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (WCAAS) is a professional association of persons interested in Asian Studies. It is an independent, non-political, non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, incorporated in the state of Arizona and related to the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) as a regional affiliate through representation on the AAS Council of Conferences.


The purpose of WCAAS is to promote scholarship and interest in Asia and Asian Studies. Related objectives include the promotion of cooperative activities and scholarly exchanges of information on Asian Studies between WCAAS and the national and international community of Asian Studies, including the Association for Asian Studies and other similar organizations.


The membership of WCAAS shall include all persons who enroll and pay dues established by WCAAS. To be considered a member, a record of membership, usually completed simultaneously with the annual conference registration, must be on file with the WCAAS Executive Board.

Voting membership shall consist of all members in good standing who are registered for the annual meeting of WCAAS at which business is conducted.


A conference shall be held annually in the fall, affording the opportunity for the presentation of lectures, papers, cultural programs, discussions, and other exchanges of information between the members and other interested persons. The conference shall be held in any one of the Western states or Pacific territories of the United States, in Western Canada, or in Mexico.

An annual business meeting for all members shall be held at each fall conference, at which business requiring membership approval shall be conducted and decided by majority vote. The annual business meeting shall elect members to fill vacancies in the Executive Board and shall decide the location of future conferences, and shall conduct other business.

The Executive Board shall also meet at least annually. A simple majority of Board members present is sufficient to conduct business. In the event of a tie vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote.


The Executive Board shall comprise the Officers of WCAAS. The Officers shall be eleven (11), including five (5) Directors, the immediate Past President, an Executive Secretary, a Treasurer, the COC Representative, the Editor of the WCAAS journal, and the subsequent annual Program Chair.

Five of the Directors shall be elected at the annual business meeting for staggered three year terms. They shall be professionals with an interest in Asian Studies.

One additional Director may also be elected at the annual business meeting who shall be a graduate or advanced student at the university or college hosting the next year's fall conference. The student Director shall be nominated by the next year's fall program chair and shall serve through the end of that conference. The student Director shall assist the program chair in soliciting conference participation from graduate and other students.

The Directors shall elect from among the five three-year Directors a President whose term shall be one year plus one additional year on the Executive Board as immediate Past President. The Executive Secretary, Treasurer, Editor, and Program Chair shall be appointed by the Executive Board and serve at its pleasure. The Directors shall also nominate members for potential election to the Council of Conferences of the Association for Asian Studies.

The Board shall set policy and regulate the affairs of the association. The President shall formally welcome new members to the Board, establish goals for the year, and preside at the annual conference. The Executive Secretary shall be responsible for conducting the routine business of WCAAS, maintaining the continuity of operations and activities, keeping the President and the Executive Board informed, and maintaining cooperation and communication with the Association for Asian Studies and other Asian Studies organizations subject to the direction and review of the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall maintain the finances of the association using standard fiduciary procedures and shall make an annual financial report to the Board at the annual meeting. The Editor shall regularly publish one or more issues of the association's journal and make a report of the same to the Board at the annual business meeting. The Program Chair shall be responsible for making all customary arrangements for the annual program.


The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Executive Board, which shall solicit nominations from the membership in a timely fashion.

The Nominating Committee shall attempt to insure representation on the Executive Board of the various disciplines and research areas within Asian Studies, with some attention paid to geographic diversity.


These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members in good standing present at the annual business meeting.

Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Executive Secretary for distribution to the membership at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual business meeting.

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Last updated: January 23, 2002