Biological and Management Perspectives on Stress Responses in Fish: Catch & Release and Other Human-derived Impacts

A Symposium at the Annual Meeting of the Southern California Academy of Sciences

Co-organizers: Kevin M. Kelley and Christopher G. Lowe

When: Saturday May 15, 2004

Where: Ballroom B, Student Union, California State University at Long Beach, Long Beach, CA « Get a map

What is all this about?

Catch & release regulations for both recreational and commercial fishing, mandated by state and federal agencies, are intended to protect both marine and freshwater fisheries.

Do they?

In this symposium, experts from around the United States and region will focus their attention on the biological impacts of fishing-induced stress, as well as stress derived from other sources such as long-term captivity or pollution. What is presently known about the secondary impacts of stress responses will be emphasized, particularly how induced stress factors (especially hormones) impact important aspects of physiology and behavior. The potential meaning of scientific findings to fish, fish eries, and fisheries management will be considered.The flow of the symposium will be as follows. Stress specifically stress responseswill be introduced as a vertebrate phenomenon that is highly conserved and relevant in fish. The discussion will then move into fish and field, with a variety of research findings on fish presented, and will end with a more management-oriented perspective.At the conclusion of the symposium, there will be an open forum for interested parti cipants to provide input and to contribute to a discussion on the overall conclusions taken from the speakers, future questions and issues in need of attention, and possible management recommendations.