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CSULB Shark Lab


Swimsuit and towel for swim test & pool scuba check-out

  • Pen, paper, etc. for taking notes

  • Mask, fins, snorkel

  • Booties

  • Wetsuit (6-7mm or 1/4”, with hood, is recommended)

  • Gloves

  • Buoyancy Control Device

  • Weight belt

  • Regulator

  • Tank and Backpack

  • A second Tank is advisable and could be rented for specific days

  • Submersible Air-Pressure Gauge (tank pressure)

  • Depth Gauge

  • Timing Device (Dive Watch, Computer, etc.)

  • Dive Knife or other cutting device (e.g., scissors)

  • Underwater Compass

  • Underwater Slate

  • U/W “goodie” bag

  • Dive Log

  • Dive Tables (whichever you are used to using)

  • Gear Bag (for carrying dive gear to and from sites, and possible storage at Catalina)