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Leadership Giving

Leadership donors are a diverse group representing many interests, affiliations, and backgrounds.  They are alumni and parents, current and emeriti faculty and staff, and friends and neighbors.  Their annual gifts support a wide range of important programs and projects.  

What our leadership donors do have in common is that they all love The Beach and its students, and they believe strongly in the university’s mission and prospects for the future.  And, as befits the name, they often elect to become more deeply engaged with the university by taking on a leadership role in our giving societies and/or by encouraging the participation of other alumni and friends.     

Leadership donations go a long way toward advancing Long Beach State’s mission because they provide academic and administrative leaders with the flexibility to respond quickly to new challenges and opportunities, wherever and whenever they may arise.  This yields positive outcomes, which, in turn, attract the interest of top faculty and the most talented students.  The support and involvement of leadership donors also signal to national opinion makers and to those in policy- and grant-making circles that The Beach has earned the confidence and loyalty of those who know it best. 

We invite you to explore our leadership giving societies to learn about more ways to show your love for The Beach.

Thanks for your interest!