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  • If you are a current member of the CSULB community, you can also search CSULB theses published since 1973 via our Dissertations and Theses database. CSULB theses published since 1997 are available for free downloading (full text) via this database. CSULB theses published prior to 1997 can be purchased through the Dissertations and Theses database or can be viewed in print in the Library.
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  • The Library's Dissertations and Theses Research Guide web page has more information about finding graduate level manuscripts.

2016 Outstanding Thesis Award Winners

Congratulations! May your achievement inspire all upcoming thesis authors!


College of Education

Dominica J. Scibetta, Educational Leadership - Thesis: But the Greatest of These Is Love: How Staff Members Negotiate Their Relationships with LGBTQ Students at Christian Colleges and Universities

College of Health and Human Services

Carra Johnson, Kinesiology - Thesis: Managing Hostile Aggression: An Investigation of Moral Disengagement, Coaching Efficacy, and Responses to Athlete Agression Among High School Coaches

V. Kimbrell, Social Work - Project: Implementing a Kinship Care Model of Practice by Training Trainers Internationally: A Grant Proposal

Raquel Macias, Speech-Language Pathology - Thesis: The Effectiveness of Mental State Discourse Embedded into Shared Storybook Reading on the Development of Theory of Mind: An Examination of Children with Language Impairments and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Christina Stecki, Health Care Administration - Project: Whittier Lifecare: A Community Mental Health Services and Resource Center

College of Liberal Arts

Ashton Politanoff, English - Locals

Christopher E. Ortega, Anthropology - An Ethnohistorical Survey of Heteronormativity and Non-Heteronormativity: The Role of Etiological Myths in the Construction of Gender and Sexuality in Bronze Age Mesopotamia

Suzette Evangelina Zazueta, Religious Studies - Purifying the Body: Contemporary Notions of Purity and Pollution Concerning Intersex Persons

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Daniel Crear, Biology - The Effects of Temperature and Habitat on the Movement Patterns of Green Sea Turtles (Chelonia mydas) Within an Urbanized River and Local Estuary

Phuong-Hieu Thi Nguyen, Chemistry - Design, Synthesis, Crystal Structure ad Magnetic Properties of Novel Osmium-Based Oxides in Ordered Rock Salt Structure Type

Juan Carlos Apitz, Applied Statistics - A Statistical Method for Selection, Classification and Network Construction in Genetic Systems

Sandra Milena Diez Pinzon, Physics - Magnetic Properties and Interface Scattering Contribution to the Anomalous Hall Effect in Cobalt / Palladium Multilayers

College of the Arts

Alyssa Schwendener, Art - The Most Fantastic Lie: The Invention of Lesbian Histories

2015 Outstanding Thesis Award Winners


College of Health and Human Services

Lizette Alvarez, Health Science - Pubertal Differences in Psychosocial Determinants of Physical Activity in Minority Middle School Girls

Ju-An Broyles, Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program - A Culturally Sensitive Provider Script for Use With Hypertensive Chinese Americans (Outstanding Project Award; this paper is on file with the lead university in the consortium, California State University, Fullerton)

Alison Tedrow, Family and Consumer Sciences - Effects of a Cognitive Dissonance-Based Eating Disorder Prevention Program Among College Students

Brittney Widler, Family and Consumer Sciences - Development of a Successful Aging Through Geriatric Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum for Residents of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (Outstanding Project Award)

College of Liberal Arts

John Andrew F. Galleta, Psychology - From Injustice to Retaliation: The Mediating Role of Identity Threat

John Joseph Haberstroh, History - Opposing the Panhellenist: The Oligarchic Resurgence in Athens, 413-411

Shouhei J. Tanaka, English - The Plastic in the Garden: Material Ecopoetics of Evelyn Reilly's Styrofoam

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Roy Valentine Hernandez, Chemistry and Biochemistry - Ordered Opening of the LDL Receptor Binding and High Affinity Lipid Binding Domains of Human Apolipoprotein E3 as Revealed by Fluorescence Polarization and Mass Spectrometry

Mark Ian Lohmann, Physics and Astronomy - Calculation of Neutral Weak Nucleon Form Factors with ADS/QCD Correspondence

Dustin Steven Pluta, Mathematics and Statistics - Subgroup Analysis Based on Prognostic and Predictive Gene Signatures for Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Early Stage Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Patients

Weston Rivers Spivia, Biological Sciences - Complement Protein C1q Promotes Macrophage Anti-Inflammatory M2- Like Polarization During the Clearance of Atherogenic Lipoproteins

College of the Arts

Kari A. Duffield, Art - Hieronymous Bosch in Context: A Re-Evaluation of the Artist Through the Enlightened Thinking of Desiderius Erasmus