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Grow Beach University Garden

Grow Beach! is a campus-wide effort to provide a natural and convenient garden right on campus! Students, faculty, staff and alumni use the campus garden to cultivate their own food while creating a positive academic, cultural, environmental, and sustainable impact on the CSULB university experience.

How to Get Gardening! 

Raised bed garden boxes can be rented by members of our campus community for a small fee. The rental period is one academic year; however, rentals can be renewed if gardeners are in good standing.

Boxes can be rented to individual Gardeners or to groups of Co-Gardeners. The rental fee includes use of common garden tools, and access to watering, composting, and waste disposal amenities.

Student gardeners are given first priority; however, all members of our campus community are invited to apply for a garden box.

For more information contact

Faculty Advisor: Libby Gustin