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Apply for the October 5th Faculty Green Thread Workshop!

Published September 12, 2018

​Faculty Green Thread Workshop Details

Friday, October 5th, 2018

9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Facilities Management Building room 103

What is the Faculty Green Thread Workshop?

The Faculty Green Thread Workshop, which is supported by the Office of Sustainability, helps faculty learn how to connect sustainability issues to core concepts in their own disciplines. Our workshop will help demystify this topic and provide faculty with practical curricular integration strategies for the social, economic, and environmental concepts comprising sustainability. Faculty from all disciplines are encouraged to participate. 

What takes place at the workshop?

During the workshop faculty will explore multiple ways to transform a course including identifying “hidden curriculum”, integrating new readings and assignments, adding a service learning component to the course, or creating a new course altogether. The workshop will also include guest speakers and a campus sustainability tour. 

Will faculty receive any incentives or recognition for participating?

Yes! First-time participants will receive a stipend of $200 upon successful completion of the program (see workshop deliverable defined below). In addition, all workshop participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, which can be used to demonstrate faculty professional growth and development. 

What are the workshop deliverables?

Faculty are asked to come to the workshop with a specific course in mind that they would like to enhance, modify, or in some cases, create.   Within 60 days of completing the workshop (and for at least one course), faculty must submit a new or revised syllabus that clearly shows sustainability concepts have been integrated into the course in a meaningful way. Integration of sustainability concepts and learning outcomes into courses is demonstrated through the inclusion of explicit language in the course syllabus and/or Standard Course Outline.  Courses which meet this threshold are then eligible to be included on the list of CSULB Sustainability Course offerings.


What are past Green Thread Workshop participants saying about the program?

“The group activities, exploring different perspectives of faculty members regarding how sustainability can be integrated into courses and classroom instruction…”

“…support from the workshop presenters/coordinators on the importance of sustainability in the CSULB curriculum.”

“The exercises promoted a great collaboration of curriculum concepts and approaches that integrated all disciplines, challenging subject experts to go outside of their own expertise to synthesis other viewpoints into their way of thinking. I think it is a better approach to education.”

“Meeting others from other departments and learning how they value sustainability and apply it to their classes.”

How do I apply to participate? 

As the workshop is best conducted in a small-group setting, the number of participants will be capped at 15. All interested faculty are required to complete the online application form by September 28th. Faculty who apply early will receive preferential consideration during the application review process, and selected faculty be notified by October 1st.

UPDATE: Due to an overwhelming number of applicants, we are not longer accepting new applications. Please fill out form below to add your name to the waitlist. Deadline to be submit to the waitlist is this Friday, September 28th at 11:59pm.