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Educating our students about the interconnectedness of environmental, social, and economic issues is an essential part of achieving our campus sustainability goals. Perhaps more importantly, it is vital for ensuring that our institution is sending engaged and thoughtful individuals into the world with the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to creating a more sustainable world.

Sustainability Courses

The courses below are included on CSULB’s list of sustainability course offerings because their course syllabi and/or Standard Course Outlines explicitly describe the ways in which sustainability concepts are integrated into the coursework and learning outcomes.

*denotes capstone GE course

**denotes capstone and writing intensive GE


College Of The Arts

DESN 268: Sustainability by Design

DESN 333B: Industrial Design Methodology B

DESN 300: Designers in their Own Words

College of Business Administration

MKTG 495: Sustainability and Marketing

MKTG 695:  Sustainability and Marketing

GBA 600: Sustainability and the Business Organization

GBA 601: Sustainability and the Business Organization II

GBA 695: Sustainability and the Business Organization III

GBA 699:  Capstone in Sustainability

College of Engineering

ENGR 302: Energy and Environment: Global Perspective*

College of Health & Human Services

HFHM 370: Exploring a Sustainable Food System**

PPA 590: Urban Environmental Governance

HCA 422i: Global Issues in Health Services*

HSC 420i: International Health

College of Liberal Arts

AIS 336: Indigenous Philosophies of Sustainability

CWL 412i: Art & Literature: Myths of Pygmalion & Prometheus*

ESP 392: Climate Action & Sustainability at CSULB 

ASAM 350: Environmental Justice*

GEOG 101: Society and the Environment

GEOG 355i: International Environmental Issues**

GEOG 455: People as Agents of Environmental Change

GEOG 464: Urban Geography: Sustainable Cities

GEOG 467/567: Urban Geography: Metropolitan Problems

COMM 439: Popular Culture and Technology

RST 101: Religion at the Movies

College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics

BIOL 459/559: Conservation Biology

University Honors Program

UHP 201: Sustainability and Technology in Los Angeles

UHP 301: Politics and Policy in Los Angeles