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Mission & Learning Outcomes

The SDHE curriculum is aligned with the mission of the CSULB College of Education and is tied to specific learning outcomes. Through courses in research methods, counseling and student development, fieldwork, and capstone experiences, SDHE students gain knowledge, build skills, and enhance the dispositions to equip them to serve as administrators and counselors in higher education settings.

Graduates of the SDHE Program:

  • Draw upon a deepened understanding of themselves, diverse others, and institutional structures to develop educational programs that promote educational access and success for all students, especially those from historically underrepresented populations.
  • Apply fundamental counseling skills, theoretical orientations, and treatment plan steps to student development cases and practicum/ fieldwork experiences.
  • Draw upon an analysis and evaluation of the historical and philosophical foundations of the student affairs profession and key student development theories (psychosocial, cognitive, moral, life span, and typological) to create and evaluate educational programs that promote student development and learning.
  • Apply leadership and organization theory along with management skills (e.g., planning, legal compliance, risk management, technology, budgeting, and human resources) to the practice of student affairs.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of student affairs scholarship in the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of current research as well as in the design and implementation of formative evaluations and research projects.