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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Kady Lyons

Master's Degree: California State University, Long Beach (2013)

Doctorate Degree: University of Calgary (2018)

Research Interests: Dr. Lyons is interested in studying maternal contaminant offloading in elasmobranch fishes and the implications that has for health and fitness. She also is interested in understanding factors that affect contaminant accumulation and thus species exposure to anthropogenic chemicals and how that changes over ontogeny.

Selected Publications:

  • Lyons, K, Wynne-Edwards, K.E. 2018. Legacy PCB Contamination Impairs Male Embryonic Development in an Elasmobranch with Matrotrophic Histotrophy, the Round Stingray (Urobatis halleri). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 9999, 1-8. DOI:10.1002/etc.4255.
  • Lyons, K, Carlisle, AB, Lowe, CG. 2017. Influence of Ontogeny and Environmental Exposure on Mercury Accumulation in Muscle and Liver of Male Round Stingrays. Marine Environmental Research. 130, 30-37. DOI:10.1016/j.marenvres.2017.07.004
  • Lyons, K, Chabot, C, Patterson, C, Lowe, CG. 2017. Who’s My Daddy? Evidence of Sexual Conflict and Multiple Paternity in an Elasmobranch Species. Ecology and Evolution, 00:1-10;