Welcome SERVE Students to Fall 2016

Hello and Welcome to SERVE at CSULB! 


The SERVE (Service Experiences for ReVitalizing Education) Program creates an opportunity for students at the undergraduate level, in particular for those who are considering careers in K-12 education, to learn about the realities of urban classrooms and the needs of the diverse K-12 student population. SERVE Students work with students individually and in small groups to provide academic support and encourage personal growth. It is through this involvement that CSULB students assess their careers goals and provide direct service to students and teachers in grades K-12 and their communities.


  • The SERVE Office has moved to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (EED-67). All SERVE Students will submit applications and paperwork to the TPAC Office.
  • The SERVE Hour Policy has been removed. There will be no minimum or maximum of hours served, only the required hours for your course must be met.

New Students - How to register for the SERVE Program…Successfully!

  • Please click the link provided below to follow the steps to successfully register for SERVE. 
  • After registering online with the SERVE Online System, please proceed to complete the SERVE Registration Packet.
  • Once all documents are complete, please submit all SERVE registration documents to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (EED-67)
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for clearance with LBUSD. 
  • ENGL 309 Students only: 
    • Transfer Students (has prior field experience)-  If you have done prior Fieldwork Service at your Community College/University, please bring a copy of your Final Evaluation and Hours to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (to waive training)
    • New Students (has no prior field experience) – Training is mandatory for new students. Please sign up for training (https://goo.gl/forms/ICMUJwPowxyv1wBE3)  New Students who fail to attend training, will delay the process of placement. 

Current SERVE Students:

  • If you have are already signed-up for SERVE and have been cleared, please check your online account and make sure your account is up-to-date for timely placements.
  • If you have a HOLD on your account, please make sure you have submitted all forms from your last SERVE rotation to the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (EED-67)
  • Request for placements through the SERVE Online System
  • Print out SERVE Rotation Documents
  • Request for placements is OPEN.
  • Placements will begin September 12th at the earliest. (Please allow 3-5 days to be placed)

SERVE Dates to remember:

  • September 1st - SERVE Training in AS-238 at 3:30PM
  • September 2nd - SERVE Training in AS-238 at 10:30AM
  • September 9th – Last day to submit SERVE applications for new SERVE students (Late applications will be subject to  delay in process)
  • September 12th  – Placements Begin
  • October 7th – Last day to request for placement
  • December 9th – Last day to complete all SERVE rotations. (Please check with Professor with specific dates) 

Should you have any questions regarding SERVE, please visit the Teacher Preparation Advising Center (EED-67).