PH 398 Budget Calculator

PHS 398 Budget Template.xlsm58.27 KB

This file was produced using Microsoft Excel version 2007.  It may work in previous version but has not been tested.

Use this spreadsheet to calculate budget values for PHS form 398. You MUST enable macros for the sheet to work correctly.  By default Microsoft Excel will ask you if you wish to enable macros when you try to open the file.  If you have set elevated security settings beyond the default level, this worksheet may not function correctly. Be sure to check the status bar under the Office Ribbon for a Security Warning as shown in the image at the left.


Once you have opend the spreadsheet, begin filling in values for staffing positions and selecting appointment types in the first sections.  Use the second sections for budget line item details.  This spreadsheet is updated from time to time.  Download a new copy here before begining a new budget.