Community Information

Long Beach has many community assets that enhance the ability of CSULB researchers to conduct community-based health disparities research. With its geographic placement, diverse student body, strong collaborative history with community-based organizations, and its senior and budding faculty research expertise and interests, CSULB is uniquely positioned to make noteworthy contributions to the national efforts to increase health equity.

The CSULB RIMI Project began as a partnership between three CSULB academic centers: The Center for Health Care Innovation, the Center for Behavioral Research and Services (CBRS), and the NCLR-CSULB Center for Latino Center for Latino Community Health, Evaluation and Leadership Training. Each of these Centers has partnered with community-based organizations and local health department units in conducting research and evaluation projects. CBRS is located in downtown Long Beach and serves as the community facility for the RIMI Project. The RIMI grant has supported enhancements to this facility including the addition of a new phlebotomy laboratory, two soundproof offices, a new tape backup unit to provide backups for data, and a new -85 degree Fahrenheit ultra-low freezer located in the Microbiology building that will store serum specimens that are central to projects conducted at CBRS.

In addition to a scientific advisory committee that includes faculty from other universities as well as CSULB leadership, the RIMI Project is enhanced by a community advisory board that includes representatives from organizations such as Centro CHA, Altamed, The Children’s Clinic, the Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services, Latino Health Access, and St. Mary’s Medical Center.