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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

California State University, Long Beach supports electric vehicle commutes to and from the campus as part of a campus-wide sustainability initiative. CSULB provides charging infrastructure to ensure that our students, faculty, staff, and visitors who drive electric vehicles are accommodated.

Currently, four single unit, level 2, 240-volt, Clipper Creek electric vehicle chargers are installed on campus. These chargers were provided through the Adopt-A-Charger program and the generous endowment from alumnus Doug Korthof provided in August 2012. Two charging station are located in Parking Structure 1 with an additional two charging stations located in Parking Structure 2.

Procedures for using EV Charging Stations

University employees, students and visitors who drive an electric vehicle, and who need to charge that vehicle may park for up to the posted number of hours in a parking space marked “Electric Vehicle Charging Only.” Payment of parking through License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology is required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when parking on campus including the EV charging stations.

For the EV charging spaces, an additional EV virtual permit from the pay station is required to document the start time of EV charging to ensure that the posted time limit is not exceeded. To obtain this time-stamped EV virtual permit from the pay station, enter the code that is posted on the sign in the EV charger parking space.

Time limits allow for fair and equitable usage and turnover of EV charging spaces to serve as many EV drivers as possible. After the vehicle has been parked in the EV charging space for the posted number of hours, the vehicle must be moved to another parking space or it will be cited per CVC 21113A.

Requests for repairs should be reported to Parking and Transportation Services at 562.985.4146. Please refer to the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Administrative Guideline for additional information.