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Bus to Campus

Published January 31, 2017

This CSULB employee chooses the U-Pass TAP program as a sustainable alternative to driving to campus. She not only finds an easier commute, but many other unexpected benefits as well. She tells us about her experience below: 

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“I decided to take the bus as a means of taking a break from driving. It was very easy. I just went downstairs and told them that I wanted to sign up for the TAP card. It was very quick. I think I was at the window for maybe 20 seconds before they slid me the card and that was it. All rides are free, so I can use it to get to work during the week. I can relax during the ride. I listen to my music and catch up on my reading. I can even get a little bit of work done. Also, I don't have to worry about finding parking when I get to campus. 

I think one of the other advantages that I like about taking the bus is that I actually have time to talk to some of my colleagues. I have seen Vice Presidents on the bus from here as well as other students and staff members that I recognize from work. It is really a nice way to get to know some of these individuals a little bit better while saving gas, saving time, and the hassle of fighting through traffic.”

The U-Pass TAP Program is available to all eligible CSULB students, employees, and faculty.