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PLUGGED IN: Classroom Connections

Since the 1980s, the UAM has presented multi-visit and sequential programs to a variety of grades and age-levels based on California standards for the visual arts. The UPICC program incorporates classroom workshops and discussions, visits to and tours of the UAM galleries and in-class studio projects in a three phase educational program.

Within the context of the museum’s greater emphasis on integrating the use of technology in programs and visitor services, UPICC revolves around on-line teacher resources presented through the UAM website. These in-depth resources offer descriptions of current exhibitions, glossaries of related vocabulary, classroom hands-on projects, bibliographies, and other associated information. Teachers may utilize the resources and present the information themselves or they may request a museum volunteer to present the program to their students. The staff and volunteers use a range of the latest touring techniques that emphasize visual literacy, encouragement of discussion based on observations, interpretations based on viewers’ imagination and personal experiences and hands on art making.

UAM Sculpture Virtual Coloring Book click here.

PLUGGED-IN: Materials & Applications
A Participatory Arts Program for 4th Grade Students

Please download Curriculum Packet for Presenters and Teachers here. This pre-visit packet has been developed by the Education Department at the University Art Museum at California State University, Long Beach to enrich your experience of our current exhibition, Materials & Applications: Building Something (Beyond) Beautiful, Projects 2002 - 2013.

For more information on these and other education programs please contact:
Brian Trimble, Curator of Education,, 562-985-7601 or
Christina Alegria, Assistant Curator of Education,>.

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