ASCE CONCRETE CANOE ROWING PRACTICE is now taking place every Saturday, 10:00am at Mother's Beach in Long Beach. For those who are serious about rowing in the Concrete Canoe competition at conference, please start attending regulalry. The team also needs people helping and supporting on the day of the competition. This will be a great event and is open for all participants.

Please visit for regular updates and news on this years Pacific Southwest Conference from April 4th to April 6th.

Those looking for any opportunity in the industry: Continue to check
BeachLink for new internship and job opportunities. This is a great resource that has provided many of Civil Engineering majors here at CSULB a start to their careers.


Our Next Meeting:

Wed. 10/24, 12pm in VEC 101

CSULB ASCE 2012 - 2013 Officers

Click on name for biography and contact information

President - Sabrina Rivera

Internal Vice-President - Jacob Heinrich

External Vice-President - Precious Dimitriov

Treasurer - Billy Basuni

Fundraising Chair - Kenneth Muntz

Secretary - Charlynne Adones

Conference Chair - Max Goldstein and Monic Sary

Activities Chair - Carlos Huerta

AESB Representative - Cody Dodge

Social Media/PR - Larry Ngo

Webmaster - Naveed Kharrat

Recruitment Chairs - Precious Dimitriov, Ruta Bandziulis, Max Goldstein, and Cody Dodge

Concrete Canoe Captions - Sarah LaCombe, Brie Pearlman, and Katie Harrel

Steel Bridge Captains - Matt Burris, Yoobin Kim

Faculty Advisors - Dr. Redman, Dr. Star