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Black Gold in California: The Other Gold Rush?

Provost's Message - October 18, 2017

Black Gold Event, as described in the text to follow

Black Gold in California: The Other Gold Rush?
Featuring Dr. Robert D. Francis
November 2, 2017
6:30 P.M. – Registration & Reception   7:00 P.M. – Program
The Chartroom at CSULB
Free event but a reservation required. RSVP at

About the Program:

California is known for the Gold Rush, but a much more prolific resource played a central role in making California the economic powerhouse it is today: Oil. This is the story of the transformation of a small, agrarian state into what is today’s number three oil producer in the US, and the risk-taking, hard work, and innovating spirit of the entrepreneurs – and geologists -- who made it happen.  It is a classic story of how science can contribute to industry and modern society.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Robert D. Francis is a Professor of Geology, a past Chair of the Geological Sciences Department at California State University Long Beach, and currently directs CSULB’s Los Angeles Basin Subsurface Data Center. He holds a B.A. in Physics from UC San Diego, a Ph.D. in Earth Science from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and has held positions at Getty Oil Company and Texaco. In addition to over 50 academic publications, he is the author of a new book, Black Gold in California: The Story of the California Petroleum Industry.