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Recommendations for Honorary Doctorates

Members of the CSULB community are encouraged to make recommendations of persons to receive honorary doctorates. As a reminder, honorary degrees may be conferred for the following purposes:

  • To recognize excellence and extraordinary achievement in significant areas of human endeavor, within which are embodied the objectives and ideals of the California State University.
  • To honor meritorious and outstanding service to the California State University, collectively, or to its campuses, individually; to the State of California; to the United States; or to humanity at large.
  • To recognize men and women whose lives and significant achievements should serve as examples of the California State University‚Äôs aspirations for its diverse student body.

Please forward any recommendations to the Academic Senate, care of Ann Kinsey (, by Friday, October 25. Also, please note that this process is completely confidential; the possibility of a nomination should not be discussed with any individual whose name is being submitted for consideration.