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Programs - 2010

Each year the IRA Literacy and Social Responsibility SIG (IRA L-SR SIG) sponsors a program at the annual national IRA convention.

This program is open to all conferees, with interests from preschool through adult education.

Those interested in greeting, meeting, and networking with program presenters and others with similar interests are especially encouraged to attend the program, business meeting, and/or informal social gathering. IRA members are also invited to become members of this SIG and to submit a program proposal for 2011 in Orlando. Contact Andrea Karlin or Melanie Cohen Goodman for more information.

2010 IRA L-SR SIG Program
April 26, 2010, Monday afternoon, 3:00 - 5:45 pm
McCormick South Building
Chicago, IL
Open to all conferees (with interests preschool through adult)
Welcome and Opening Comments
Patricia Dean, Program Chair, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD
Keynote Address
Responsibilities and Processess Associated with Writing Socially Responsible Literature



Eve Bunting

Introduction: Andrea Karlin



Round Table Presentations:

4-4:30 pm


Round I:

Using Literature to Inspire Environmental Stewardship. Pamela Todd, 2009 Green Earth Book Award Winner, “Blind Faith Hotel”

Using Free Software to Motivate the Literacy of At-Risk Adolescent Immigrants. Ann Kennedy, Jeff Elkner, Arlington, VA Public Schools

Writing Children’s Books: A Transformative Act for Second Language Learners. Evangelina Brignoni, University of Nebraska, Omaha

Best Literacy Practices with Pro-social Twists (K through 12). Beth Breneman, (Ret.) California Department of Education, Sacramento, California

John McCutcheon, author and songster, title TBA

Beyond Bows and Arrows in Classroom Curriculum. Nancy Bo Flood, Northern Arizona University

Conflict Resolution: Strategies Using Literature to Teach Self Control and Anger Management of Pre-K-College. Virginia Howard, James A. Fox, Doris Peters, University of the District of Columbia

4:35 - 5:05 pm
Round II
Choosing and Using Socially Responsible Books in the Classroom. Andrea Karlin, Sarah Matheny, Stacey Bumstead, Lamar University

Students’ Empathetic Interpretations of “The Other Side.” Wilma Kuhlman, Sandra Malone, University of Omaha

Academic Resilience: Building Successful Readers. Erin McTigue, Erin Washburn, Jeffrey Liew, Texas A & M University

Character Traits in Children’s Books. Kathy Danielson, University of Nebraska & Jan LaBonty, University of Montana

Tell 'Em Stories! Society's Oldest Method of Promoting Literacy. Michael Lockett, International Storyteller and Children's Author, Normal, IL

Real Talk: Debate and Discussion through Books. Steven Wolk, Northeastern Illinois University

Expanded Critical Literacy: Appreciation of Diversity and Environmental Stewardship. Mary K. Gove, Cleveland State University
Keynote Address
5:05 pm


6-Time Grammy Nominee:

John McCutcheon

Author and Songster



Closing Comments
5:35 - 5:45pm
Melanie Goodman, President, Literacy and Social Responsibility SIG, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA
Business Meeting

Brief business meeting to follow. All interested conferees welcome to attend.


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