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Programs - 2009

Each year the IRA Literacy and Social Responsibility SIG (IRA L-SR SIG) sponsors a program at the annual national IRA convention.

This program is open to all conferees, with interests from preschool through adult education.

Those interested in greeting, meeting, and networking with program presenters and others with similar interests are especially encouraged to attend the program, business meeting, and/or informal social gathering. IRA members are also invited to become members of this SIG and to submit a program proposal for 2010 in Los Angeles. Contact Patricia Dean for more information.

2009 IRA L-SR SIG Program
May 6, 2009, Wednesday afternoon, 2:00 - 4:45 pm
Minneapolis Convention Center, Room 102 AB
Minneapolis, MN
Open to all conferees (with interests preschool through adult)
Welcome and Opening Comments
Patricia Dean, Program Chair, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD
Keynote Address
Topic Humor, Songs, and Stories on Literacy Celebrations and
Challenges in the 21st Century
2:05 pm
Song/Story by Author/Grammy Nominee Songster John McCutcheon
Sponsored by: Peachtree Publishing - Margaret Quinlin



Reading, Writing, and Laughter: Dream through Reading, Create Dreams through Writing. Speaker: Sharon Draper, Award-Winning Author, Poet, Environmentalist, and National Teacher of the Year (Sponsored by Scholastic - Lizette Serrano)



Round Table Presentations:
Round I:
  1. The Three "R's": Reason, Respect and Responsibility.
    Singer: John McCutcheon (Sponsored by: Peachtree Publishing-Margaret Quinlin)
  2. Laretta Henderson (Title TBA)
  3. Discovering the Power of Literacy through Books and Image Theatre. Presenters: Wilma Kuhlman, Sandra Malone
  4. Who Speaks for the Children of the Poor?
    Presenters: Dr. Henry Amoroso, Susan Dee, Jacqueline Grenier
  5. .Sharon Draper (Title TBA) (Sponsored by Scholastic Publishing-Andrea Pinkney)
  6. Academic Service-Learning and Teaching in a Place Called New Orleans East: Pedagogy, Recovery, Innovation and Educational Advancement in a Post-Katrina Charter School.
    Presenter: Dr. Margaret-Mary Sulentic Dowell

3:30 - 3:55pm
Round II
  1. Fun and Easy Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Author Cambria Gordon (sponsored by Scholastic Publishing-Lizette Serrano)
  2. Supporting Literacy through Service Learning Projects.
    Presenters: Kathy Danielson and Jan LaBonty
  3. Sharing Stories with the Next Generation: A Social Responsibility for Educators. Storyteller: Dr. Michael Lockett
  4. The Demise of Character Education: Can Children’s Literature and Bibliotherapy Help? Presenters: Dr. James A. Fox, Dr. Virginia Howard, and Dr. Donnell Peterson.
  5. How Do Practicing Teachers Define and Understand Community? Presenters: Francis Broadway, Ruth Oswald, and Denise Stuart
Keynote Address
4:00 - 4:25pm


Environmentalist/Author Cambria Gordon: "Speaking to Children about Global Warming and What We Can All Do to Reduce Our Carbon Footprints,"
Green Earth Book Award Winner 2008
Sponsored by: Scholastic Publishing - Lizette Serrano


4:25pm Song/Story by John McCutcheon (Sponsored by Peachtree Publishing - Margaret Quinlin)
Closing Comments
4:35 - 4:45pm
Melanie Goodman, President, Literacy and Social Responsibility SIG, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA
Business Meeting

Brief business meeting to follow. All interested conferees welcome to attend.


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