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Programs - 2009

Each year the IRA Literacy and Social Responsibility SIG (IRA L-SR SIG) sponsors a program at the annual national IRA convention.

This program is open to all conferees, with interests from preschool through adult education.

Those interested in greeting, meeting, and networking with program presenters and others with similar interests are especially encouraged to attend the program, business meeting, and/or informal social gathering. IRA members are also invited to become members of this SIG and to submit a program proposal for 2010 in Los Angeles. Contact Patricia Dean for more information.

2009 IRA L-SR SIG Program
February 23, 2009, Monday afternoon, 2:00 - 4:45 pm
Phoenix Convention Center W232A/B
Phoenix, AZ
Open to all conferees (with interests preschool through adult)
Welcome and Opening Comments
Melanie Cohen Goodman, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA, and Marsha L. Thicksten, California State University Long Beach, Program Co-Chairs
Keynote Address
Alphabet Books and Global Perspective

Award-winning Author Eve Bunting

Eve Bunting will speak about the process of researching and writing responsibly written, multicultural, alphabet books that serve to broaden children's global perspective. Additional comments will be provided by Andrea Karlin.


Round Table Presentations:

The Role of Critical Reflection in the Development of Attitudes toward Justice, Equity and Peace. Speakers: Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy, Mill Valley, CA, consider the development of critical reflection as the basis for encouraging student attitudes leading to justice, equity and peace.

The Role of Teachers in the Development of Global Perspective. Speakers: Andrea Karlin, Sarah Matheny and Rita Stevens consider the responsibility of teachers to give students a global perspective while helping them to develop an interest and knowledge of people/cultures that are unknown or unfamiliar to them.

Awareness of the Other: Film in a Literacy Skills Support Class. Speaker: Melanie Cohen Goodman, Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA, illuminates the exceptional opportunity to examine cross cultural experiences through film in a reading support classroom.

Character Education and Literacy Development: A Case for Teaching Dance. Speaker: Kaye West, Ph.D., Mesa, AZ, discusses the relationship of dance to both literacy and character education and shares research results which claim the promise that classroom teachers, community volunteers, and/or older students can be needed resources to assist students to become communicative in one of the four major areas of the arts.

Exemplary Community Service. Speakers: Marsha L. Thicksten, EDEL 300 Coordinator and Hilda Sramek, SERVE Program Director, California State University, Long Beach, and Denise Menz, Language Arts and Social Studies Teacher and Shannon Villanueva, School Coordinator, Warner Middle School, Westminster, CA. These presenters review the SERVE (Service Experiences for ReVitalizing Education) Program at CSULB and its impact on college student participants as well as the at-risk elementary students with whom they work in participating local schools.

Closing Comments
Denise Stewart, President, Literacy and Social Responsibility SIG, University of Akron, Akron OH
Business Meeting

A short business meeting will follow the program.


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