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Programs - 2006

Each year the IRA Literacy and Social Responsibility SIG (IRA L-SR SIG) sponsors a program at the annual national IRA convention.

This program is open to all conferees, with interests from preschool through adult education.

Those interested in greeting, meeting, and networking with program presenters and others with similar interests are especially encouraged to attend the program, business meeting, and/or informal social gathering. IRA members are also invited to become members of this SIG.

2006 IRA L-SR SIG Program
May 3, 2005, 9:00 - 11:45 am
Palmer House Hilton
Private Dining Room #18
Chicago, IL
Open to all conferees (with interests preschool through adult)
Program Co-Chairs
Greta Nagel & Marsha Thicksten
California State University, Long Beach

Keynote Address
Democracy and Social Justice

Ms. Eve Bunting, Author
Ms. Christine Coryell, Lamar University
Dr. Andrea Karlin, Lamar University
Ms. Sarah Matheny, Lamar University

Responsibilities and challenges for writers of and teachers using multicultural literature to give all children an opportunity to see themselves in high-quality books

Roundtable Presentations:

One Small Opportunity, One Very Big Difference
Speaker: Melanie Cohen Goodman, Ph.D.,
Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia

Sink or Swim: Developing Cultural Competence to Offer Professional Development Workshops for Teachers in Guatemala
Speakers: Ellie Friedland, Wheelock College, Boston, & Marcia Mondschein, Dowling University, Dix Hills, NY

The Literature Gap: Using Multiethnic Literature to Teach Multiethnic Learners Who Are Struggling Readers
Speakers: Dr. Virginia H. Howard & Dr. James A. Fox,
University of the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.

Using Digital Photography to Engage Delayed Adolescent Readers in Meaningful Literacy Events: A Look into Their Lives
Speaker: Ann Kennedy, Arlington County Public Schools, Arlington, VA

Engaging Young Citizens Through Critical Literacy
Speaker: Wilma Kuhlman, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Dealing with Bullies: Using Reading and Writing to Understand and Diffuse Aggression
Speakers: Dr. Jan LaBonty, University of Montana, and Dr. Kathy Everts Danielson,
University of Nebraska-Omaha

What Are Unique Needs of ESL Students and How Can We Address These?
Speaker: Ana Lado, Marymount University, Arlington,VA

How Rankism Creates Unhappy Classrooms
Speaker: J. Cynthia McDermott, University of Arizona, Hereford, AZ

Building a Successful Class on Each Student's Social Location
Speakers: Jessica Mickish, Yuma, AZ

Many People, Many Lands
Speaker: Mary Ann Moore, Hailandale ISD, San Antonio, TX

Building Text Sets to Promote Social Responsibility and Social Justice
Speakers: Many Napoli, Penn State, Harrisburg, PA

Discussion: The Voice of Democracy
Speakers: Marsha Thicksten & Greta Nagel, California State University, Long Beach, CA

Fostering Growth in Literacy Education through the Creation and Development of Community Based Service Learning Initiatives by Pre-Service Teachers
Speakers: Susan Z. Turner & Jennifer L. Bozeka, University of Akron College of Education Center for Literacy, Akron, OH

Final Address

Voice, Identity, & Socially Responsible Leadership: A Transformative Education Process
Speakers: Alma Flor Ada & F. Isabel Campoy

Closing Comments
Greta Nagel & Marsha Thicksten, Co-Chairs
Business Meeting

A short business meeting will follow the program.


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