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Ethical Ideas and the Books that Support Them

by Laura Tillotson, Book Links

Learning to decide what’s right and wrong is an important part of growing up, and children need help realizing how their choices affect others. In this program, the editor of Book Links magazine will share a number of picture books, novels, and nonfiction titles that can help children start to think about the process of ethical decision-making. Some of the books will help readers explore their own feelings about ethical problems, others show everyday people making good choices, and still others present realistic dilemmas with no clear right or wrong answers.



Exploring Ethics with Children’s Literature
Laura Tillotson, Book Links magazine

1. Stock, Gregory. The Kids’ Book of Questions. 1988. 208p. Workman, paper, $6.95 (0-89480-631-9).


2. Mochizuki, Ken. Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story. Illus. by Dom Lee. 1997. 32p. Lee & Low, $16.95 (1-880000-49-0).

3. Bang, Molly. Nobody Particular: One Woman’s Fight to Save the Bays. 2000. 48p. Holt, $18 (0-8050-5396-4).

4. Barron, T. A. The Hero’s Trail: A Guide for a Heroic Life. 2002. 144p. Philomel, $14.99 (0-399-23860-3).

5. Hoose, Phillip. It’s Our World, Too! Young People Who Are Making a Difference. 1993; reissued 2002. Farrar, paper, $13 (0-374-33622-9). [An interview with Phillip Hoose appears in the June/July 2002 issue of Book Links. Also see Hoose’s We Were There, Too!: Young People in U.S. History.]

6. Tillage, Leon. Leon’s Story. Illus. by Susan L. Roth. 1997. 112p. Farrar, $15 (0-374-34379-9); Sunburst, paper, $4.95 (0-374-44330-0).

7. Jiménez, Francisco. The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child. 1997. 128p. Houghton, $15 (0-395-9702-1). Also see the sequel, Breaking Through. [An interview with Francisco Jiménez appears in the December 2001 / January 2002 issue of Book Links.]


8. Joosse, Barbara. Stars in the Darkness. 2002. 32p. Chronicle, $14.95 (0-8118-2168-4).

9. Cole, Kenneth. No Bad News. Photos by John Ruebartsch. 2001. 40p. Whitman, $15.95 (0-8075-4743-3). [Also see Sharon Dennis Wyeth’s Something Beautiful.]

10. Williams, Vera B. Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart. 2001. 72p. HarperCollins, $15.95 (0-06-029460-4).

11. Clements, Andrew. The Jacket. Illus. by McDavid Henderson. 2002. 96p. Simon & Schuster, $12.95 (0-689-82595-1).

12. DeFelice, Cynthia. Weasel. 1990.128p. HarperTrophy, paper, $4.99 (0-380-71358-6). [An article on using Weasel in the classroom appeared in the May 1996 issue of Book Links.]

13. Bauer, Marion Dane. On My Honor. 1986. 96p. Clarion, $15 (0-89919-439-7); Yearling, paper, $4.99 (0-440-46633-4).


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