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Vol 58 No. 4 : April 2006
Vol 58 No. 4 : April 2006
CalRep Receives Award

The California Repertory Theatre, CSULB’s own theatre company, was recognized recently by the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle with its Polly Warfield Award for an excellent season in a small to mid-size theater.

The special award, given at the 37th Annual Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards in March, represents a critical tip of the hat toward Cal Rep’s offerings in 2005, which included “The Cider House Rules, Parts I and II,” “Medea” and its original adaptation of the poet Charles Bukowski’s writings in “Love, Bukowski.”
Cal Rep’s production of “Love, Bukowski” also was nominated for best ensemble performance while its director, CSULB Theatre Arts Chair Joanne Gordon, was nominated for best adaptation/translation of “Bukowski.”

“I think we are bold and adventurous in our programming,” said Gordon, who has received five Drama-Logue Awards and a Los Angeles Critics Choice Award. “Because we are attached to an educational institution, we feel we should explore new, uncharted territory. Because we have the backing of the university and student audiences, we are not tied to the commercial imperative like many theaters. We don’t have to worry about Mr. and Mrs. Tired Businessman looking for a little escape. Our objective is to make art and when we make good art, we also make money.”

Gordon praised the distinction of CalRep’s inclusion with professional theaters. “As far as I know, we are the only theater company associated with a university to be honored by the L.A. Drama Critics Circle,” she said. “That’s extraordinary. The nomination for the cast of ‘Bukowski’ also represents an incredible accolade for them.”

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