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Vol 58 No. 4 : April 2006
Vol 58 No. 4 : April 2006
CSULB Receives $50,000 NCTAF Grant

CSULB has been selected as one of three campuses in the United States to receive a $50,000 planning grant from the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF), with support from the MetLife Foundation, to establish an Urban Teaching Academy (UTA) at the university.

Former Secretary of Education and NCTAF Co-Chair Richard Riley announced the awards at a public forum at the Charles Sumner School in Washington, D.C. The two other institutions receiving the planning grant were the Academy for Urban School Leadership in Chicago and Montclair State University in New Jersey.

The UTA grant is designed to recognize, publicize and support the work of excellent urban teaching academies in an effort to improve the effective preparation and transition of new teachers into urban schools.

CSULB and the two other institutions were recognized for existing programs that successfully prepare quality teachers to staff high-need urban schools. These programs, which will now be known as “NCTAF-MetLife Foundation Urban Teaching Academies,” were singled out because they represent a promising approach to developing and retaining high quality teachers through the melding of preparation and school design.

The program recognized at CSULB is the school-based master’s program under the direction of Linda Symcox and Felipe Golez, both faculty members in the Teacher Education Department.

“This NCTAF/MetLife Foundation grant will be used to develop our successful teacher-professional development program into a fully articulated ‘teaching hospital’ that will provide on-site training and field experiences for teachers of all levels of pre-and in-service training,” said Symcox, who is also the coordinator of the curriculum and instruction master’s program. “The grant will lay the groundwork for developing a comprehensive UTA design.”

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