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Vol 58 No. 4 : April 2006
Vol 58 No. 4 : April 2006
Aquarium Honors Tiggs-Taylor

Linda Tiggs-Taylor, executive director of Education Partnerships at CSULB, was recognized recently by the Aquarium of the Pacific with its Award of Excellence honoring her community service through her work with the Math, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Program.

“I was very pleased and honored to win this beautiful trophy,” said Tiggs-Taylor, a member of the university since 1989. “MESA’s academic development program has supported educationally disadvantaged students so that they can excel and graduate with degrees in engineering, science and technology.”

There are two MESA programs, she explained. One is the MESA Engineering Program that assists 300 CSULB students yearly to maintain or improve their retention and persistence through graduation. The other is the MESA Schools Program covering seven area school districts.

“In 1999, I was asked by the president and provost to administer the program and make sure it got implemented and was successful,” she said. “What began as a program that served a few hundred students has grown to more than 1,700. Basically, our charge is to identify these kids at the earliest grade level possible which is usually the sixth grade. Our challenge is to shepherd these students to their success through grade 12. We prepare them for college by making them competitive.”

Linda Tiggs-Tylor

Linda Tiggs-Taylor

Tiggs-Taylor takes personal satisfaction from her MESA work. “It’s one of the ways I can engage in community service,” she said. “It just so happens to be part of my job. I like it because I believe the university has a responsibility to prepare students. I’ve always been in love with learning. It brings me a lot of pleasure to be able to provide an academic support program that will assist other people. Plus, the parents we work with are very, very appreciative. That’s pretty gratifying.”

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