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Vol 58 No. 4 : April 2006
Vol 58 No. 4 : April 2006
Knight Selected Employee of the Month

Donise Knight portrait

Donise Knight, who joined the university in 1975, was selected recently by her peers in Parking/Transportation and Event Services as employee of the month.
The 49-year Long Beach resident, who attended Long Beach Poly and Wilson High School, was recognized in a special ceremony held on Friendship Walk near the University Student Union. The walk was renamed Donise Knight Lane.

President F. King Alexander applauded Knight’s selection. “She is noted by her co-workers for providing quality service,” he said. “She is a great colleague with fantastic job skills and a deep sense of dedication.”

“It feels good to be named employee of the month,” said Knight, who came to the university as part of a job placement program following a year working for the Compton Police Department. “I am really happy that my co-workers thought enough about me to acknowledge me. I am surprised and honored.”
Knight believes one reason for her recognition is her ability to listen. “Many of my coworkers can come to me when they need an ear,” she said. “They know they can trust me. I think one reason for my longevity here is determination.”

Her responsibilities as a financial analyst for Parking/Transportation and Event Services include setting up various budgets, tracking department expenditures, employee salaries, benefits, operating costs and revenue projects. “I also monitor capital project expenditures within the department,” she said.

CSULB has been a learning experience for Knight right from the beginning. When she first joined the university, she began in Public Safety, which then combined University Police and Parking. “I began as a clerical assistant who worked at the front service counter,” she recalled. She found herself learning to take fingerprints, type crime reports, liaison with the Long Beach Municipal Court and supervise the university’s lost and found department. With the decentralization of Parking in 1986, she remained in Public Safety for three more years until joining Parking in 1989 where she designed parking decals and oversaw payroll deductions.

Her learning skills came in handy with the 1989 job move. “I had no accounting skills when I joined, but I saw it as a challenge,” she said. “This was my new position and I was going to tap into every resource on campus to help guide me and give me direction. It was a process of trial and error with the help of a few classes here and there. Today, I can perform my duties comfortably and responsibly. I’m proud of my budget projections, especially in regard to revenue and operating costs.”

The average day is a matter of keeping her thumb on the pulse of parking. “The first thing I do every day is check where we are financially,” she said. “I check our revenues daily so that I know how far the department has to go to meet its goals. I monitor operating costs as well as process student payroll.”

Knight hopes to continue at the university for a few more years with the goal of retirement looming in the distance. She is the mother of three and grandmother of five. Her husband also works for Parking. In the meantime, she is happy she joined CSULB. “I remember feeling ecstatic when I got my first paycheck,” she laughed. “It may not have been a lot of money but it was to me.”

Knight received several gifts with her recognition including a CSULB sweatshirt, a $25 gift certificate for Cirivello’s Restaurant, four admissions to the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, two tickets to a Long Beach State women’s basketball game, a gift certificate for lunch for two at Quiznos Sub and a coupon for two Burger King Whoppers.

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