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Vol 58 No. 3 : March, 2006
Vol 58 No. 3 : March, 2006
Women and Philanthropy Give More Scholarships

For the seventh consecutive year, the Women and Philanthropy program at CSULB has awarded scholarships to re-entry students. This year, three returning students received financial support.

The recipients (and majors) are David Chavez (violin performance), Audrey Fairman (liberal studies), and Sheri Hogan (nutrition and dietetics).

“Re-entry students at CSULB know the value of education,” said Barbara Holden, program director. “They work diligently and successfully on their academic programs. The scholarship committee was pleased to award scholarships to these recipients who represent a variety of academic disciplines.”

Women and Philanthropy was formed in 1998 to give public recognition for the generous gifts of women throughout the history of CSULB. Made up of alumnae, faculty, and friends of the university, members make financial contributions to the university to support scholarships and volunteer their time on campus in areas corresponding to their individual interests.

Women and Philanthropy

Chavez, Hogan and Fairman

Maureen Price, who received her bachelor’s degree from CSULB, is the current chair. To date, 48 scholarships totaling $58,000 has been awarded, providing assistance to returning students who would otherwise find it difficult to complete their education.

For additional information regarding the scholarships or membership in Women and Philanthropy, please call Holden at 562/985-4126.

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