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Vol 57 No. 9 : May 2005
Vol 57 No. 9 | May 2005
In Memoriam

Blaze O. Bonazza, professor emeritus of English, died on July 8. He was 84. Bonazza served on the faculty at CSULB from 1966 until his retirement in 1983.

Darrell V. Burras, professor emeritus of information systems, died Feb. 18, 2004 in Long Beach. He was 88. After teaching at Eastern Michigan University, Burras moved with his family to Long Beach, where he taught at CSULB in the Business Administration Department from 1957-80. For five years, he served as associate dean of graduate studies in the business department.

Gladys Crandell, staff emeritus, died on Aug. 30. Crandell began her CSULB Foundation career in July 1969 as a clerical assistant. She came to the campus with a service orientation and continued to maintain her high standard of service throughout her career. At the time of her passing, Crandell supervised the Foundation Programs Department, which manages funds for special project accounts as well as for scholarship and endowment accounts.

Richard McLaughlin, associate professor emeritus of instructional systems technology, died Sunday, Jan. 23. He was 70. During his tenure as a faculty member in the College of Education, he also taught in the English Department's Technical and Professional Writing Program. Since his retirement, he had been working as a freelance Web page designer as well as an activist on behalf of environmental and social issues.

Lee B. Stephens, Jr., professor emeritus of biological sciences, died Nov. 11. During his tenure from 1962-83, Stephens served as associate dean of the College of Natural Sciences, associate dean of fiscal affairs for the School of Letters and Sciences and the associate dean of Faculty and Staff Affairs. He was the first African-American to sit on the CSULB Letters and Sciences Retention, Tenure and Promotion Committee and the first to serve as its chairperson. Stephens is listed in the Who's Who in the West (Vol. 11), American Men of Science, The Physical and Biological Sciences (11th Edition) and Who's Who in Black America (1982 Edition).

Robert W. Winslow, professor emeritus of music, died May 2, 2001. He was 89. During his tenure from 1952-80, Winslow taught music education and instrumental music. He also gave private trumpet lessons out of his home. He was the senior editor of a book titled Music Skills for Classroom Teachers.

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