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Vol 57 No. 3 | Feb. 2005
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Intercollegiate Athletics Now Separate
From Club and Recreational Sports

A reorganization that separates intercollegiate athletics from club and recreational sports has resulted in the creation of the new Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and the transfer of club and recreational sports to the Division of Student Services.

“At a Division I institution, it's pretty unusual to have other entities locked in with athletics,” said Bill Shumard, executive director of athletics, who is responsible for CSULB's NCAA-sanctioned sports teams. “What we did was to go to just a clean cut so that we are strictly the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, which encompasses 18 varsity sports, 300 student athletes, give or take a few, and approximately 80 employees. Club sports, intramurals and recreation is now all under student services, which is pretty consistent with most of the models at other similar institutions.”

Mike Hostetler, associate vice president of student services and dean of students, said that after a group of representatives from Athletics and Student Services reviewed several organizational models and reporting lines, “we decided on a model where recreation and sports would be housed in the Division of Student Services, but would primarily report to Associated Students and secondarily report to the Division of Student Services in the form of myself, the Dean of Students Office. We actually have both the ASI representing students as a corporation and the Division of Student Services representing the university working together on recreation and sports.”

He noted that it is common in the California State University system to have student club sports and recreation operated under the auspices of campus-associated student organizations. “Associated Students in the CSU system is actually quite different than in most places because it's a corporation inside the university,” he said.

Under CSULB's new model, general oversight of recreation and club sports belongs both to Richard Haller, executive director of Associated Students Inc., and to Hostetler. Rita Hayes continues to have day-to-day responsibility for recreation and club sports, while Glenn McDonald continues to be director of intramural sports. “The primary difference is that clubs are usually going out and participating against people off campus and intramural is on campus, usually in some league format,” Hostetler explained. Club sports also are generally open to faculty, staff and may include community members or affiliations with outside organizations.

A new board of directors for student recreation and sports is being established to discuss planning and policy matters, Hostetler said.

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