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Vol 57 No. 2 | Jan. 2005
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Payroll Deduction Offers Way to Contribute

Payroll Deduction WebsiteEmployees at CSULB now have the opportunity to contribute to a variety of university programs via payroll deduction. By signing up for payroll deduction, employees will be able to direct donations to 84 areas designated at this time, giving participants the ability to contribute to up to three different entities on campus.

The Support the Beach Payroll Deduction Program gives faculty, staff and emeriti a convenient method to participate in the continued growth and development of CSULB. Employees are encouraged to make philanthropic gifts to a favorite department, program, college, or the university as a whole. These gifts are utilized to enhance the educational mission of the institution and represent a personal decision on the part of contributors to give back to their campus with a financial donation.

“We've had payroll deduction for athletics and the Library in the past,” said Aristide Collins, Jr., vice president for university relations and development. “People have come to me and asked for this. This is just a service we are providing. A lot of people want to give, but they need the mechanism to do so and this will do that for them.”

“I'm particularly glad that faculty and staff will now have such a convenient way to support the university,” said Gary Reichard, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. “There are many whose commitment to what we do may lead them to want to contribute even beyond their good work. This will let them do it.”

The appropriate forms can be obtained whether by printing them online or by contacting Julie Wilson, the campus coordinator for the Support the Beach Payroll Deduction Program, at 562/985-8867 or

“One of the most important things for people to know is that every dollar helps support a program on this campus,” added Collins. “Not everyone is a million-dollar donor. Last year we had almost 20,000 donors to this campus. If somebody commits to give just $10 a month, that $120 a year can impact a program.”

A new Web site,, provides a complete list of CSULB programs where donations may be designated. The Web site also provides information on the program including tax deductibility and gift acknowledgement timing, as well as access to all program forms.







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