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Vol 57 No. 18 : November, 2005
Vol 57 No. 18 | October 28, 2005
CBA's Canavan Top Employee

Stephenie Canavan

Stephenie Canavan

Stephenie Canavan was selected by her peers in the College of Business Administration to be the employee of the month.

Stephenie, a Long Beach native and Lakewood resident, was recognized in a special ceremony held on Friendship Walk near the University Student Union which was renamed Stephenie Canavan Lane for October.

President Robert Maxson praised Stephenie for her dedication and willingness to go the extra mile. "She works hard at whatever she's asked to do and is always willing to help others," he said.

Stephenie said she was honored to be chosen as employee of the month. "The College of Business Administration is a good college to work in," said Stephenie, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems in 1996 from CSU Dominguez Hills. "We have 135 faculty and 27 staff so it is easy to keep busy."

As director of the Instructional Support Center, Stephenie's responsibilities include everything from dealing with test banks and preparing resumes to preparing syllabi and making sure those last-minute class materials arrive on time. "With my background in Information Systems, I can bring to this position the right set of skills," she said.

Stephenie joined the university in 1997 as systems analyst in the bursar's office after a 15-year career in the office of the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools. She moved to the College of Business Administration in 2001. The CSULB connection extends to her family as well, with her daughter Carrie Hernandez, who recently acquired her master's degree in the College of Education.

When she isn't working with CSULB faculty and staff, she enjoys walking with her husband and creating scrapbooks with her daughter.

"It was Carrie who got me involved in scrapbooking," she said, "and I'll have a chance to use what I've learned in December when we celebrate her master's degree with a three-week trip to Italy and New York City." This will be her and her husband's first vacation together in 20 years, so they are really looking forward to this trip.

One of the keys to Stephenie's success is keeping current with modern technology. "We have eight different test banks publishers, three types of copy machines and plenty of scanning machines and lots of software," she said. "A lot of what I do is second nature, such as building data bases and preparing spread sheets, and that involves keeping up with what's new."

Stephenie is glad she chose CSULB. "This is such a beautiful place to work," she said. "When I walk from the College of Business Administration to visit my daughter in the College of Education, the campus seems so tranquil."

Stephenie received several gifts including a CSULB sweatshirt, a $25 gift certificate to King's Seafood Company, a gift certificate for two admissions to a production of her choice at the Long Beach Playhouse, a $10 gift certificate for Katella Deli, a $10 gift certificate for Dale's Diner and two special-event buffet tickets for The Hop.

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