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Vol 57 No. 12 : June 15, 2005
Vol 57 No. 12 | June 15, 2005

Employee Honors

Kaleidoscope 2005

For their assistance with Kaleidoscope 2005, the following members of Facilities Management received Staff Applause nominations:

Gabe Anderson, Lou Brancato, Dave Beckett, Mario Camantigue, Jim Bowers, Grant Duke, Ronnie Heard, Kevin Hottle, Bob Korst, Dave Lindmark, Jeff Manis, Blaine Neeley, Darryl Paine, Arturo Torres, John Beall, Paul Havrella, Tim Ball and Bettie Taylor.

Relay for Life

For their assistance with the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life held on campus, the following campus members received Staff Applause nominations:

Liz Labrador, Coleen Followell, Dixie Grimmett, Laura Stone, Vickie Stuart, Michelle Hermance, Mary Ann Odell, Mary Walker, Nancy Walker, Rachel Brophy, Julie Woods, Cynthia Riley, Maureen Bykerk, Stafford Cox, Dana Hooten, Denise Davis, Bob Rodgers, and Charleen Rice.

To nominate an individual for Staff Applause honors,contact Staff Personnel Services at 562/985-4031.

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