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Vol 57 No. 11 : June 2, 2005
Vol 57 No. 11 | June 1, 2005


Lisa Glatt, English, saw her collection of short stories titled The Apple's Bruise published June 1 by Simon and Schuster.  Her short story titled "The Body Shop" appears in the June issue of Zoetrope.

Gayle Fenton, Student Advising, Retention and Graduation, who serves as Director of Student-Athlete Services, and Sandra Shirley, Associate Director of Student-Athlete Services, presented research on the effects of the 2003 NCAA Academic Standards on the academic support services provided to Division I student-athletes at the NACADA Region 9 Conference in June.

Terry Witkowski, Marketing, had an article titled "Anti-Global Challenges to Marketing in Developing Countries: Exploring the Ideological Divide" published in the spring issue of the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.

Book Review

The Apple's BruiseThe Apple's Bruise

Lisa Glatt, English

Published in 2005 by Simon and Schuster, The Apple's Bruise is the successor to Glatt's successful first novel, A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That, which was short-listed for this year's Los Angeles Times Art Seidenbaum Award for First Fiction. The Apple's Bruise is a collection of short stories that catches the incongruous detail that derails her characters' tidy sense of themselves. The collection derives its title from a moment in a short story titled "Dirty Hannah Gets Hit by a Car" where the eponymous Hannah remembers biting into an apple at the bruise after a bully humiliates her."She pretends there's nothing wrong with the apple and bites into it anyway," said Glatt. Another story, "Grip", details the panic of an abandoned child who keeps such a grip on a freeway fence that paramedics must cut it away around her. Her short story "The Body Shop" will appear in June's issue of Francis Coppola's literary magazine, Zoetrope. Glatt will read from The Apple's Bruise on Wednesday, June 15, at 7 p.m. in the Long Beach Barnes and Noble Booksellers on Pacific Coast Highway and again on Thursday, July 28, at 7:30 p.m. in the Long Beach Museum of Art. The Long Beach resident is married to poet and visual artist David Hernandez has been a member of the faculty since 2000.

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