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Vol 57 No. 1 | Jan. 2005
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Facilities Management Launches Recycling Web Site

Do you work in an office packed to the rafters with papers you're finally ready to part with, but you're just not sure how? Do you have piles of scrap wood in your shop that termites are eyeing with envy? Or, do you have toner cartridges tossed in the trash because that's where they've always gone?

In an effort to answer recycling questions like these and more, Facilities Management has launched a Web site with information on how to recycle items on campus. This site doesn't just have information on how to recycle bottles and cans, but also mixed paper, wood, batteries, packing peanuts and surplus property.

Aside from helping conserve valuable resources and reducing our impact on landfills, recycling is something we're mandated to do as a state facility. CSULB is required by law to recycle 50 percent of the trash it discards from the university. So please do your part to help out the cause.

To learn more about what can be recycled on campus, link to CSULB Recycling here.
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