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Vol 56 No. 16 | Dec. 2004
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George Lucas
Acclaimed Filmmaker George Lucas Donates $100,000 to Film and Electronic Arts Department at Cal State Long Beach

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker George Lucas has donated $100,000 to the Department of Film and Electronic Arts at California State University, Long Beach to support the restoration and repair of equipment that was damaged during recent storms. The announcement was made at the university's annual Director's Guild of America showcase of its students' films in Hollywood.

The department was flooded during strong storms that lashed California in late October. Lucas' donation will cover equipment replacement and the purchase of additional technical equipment for use by film students and to support student scholarships.

“Our students look to the groundbreaking work that George Lucas has done throughout his career and can't help but be inspired,” said Robert C. Maxson, CSULB president. “This gift is a real indication of Mr. Lucas' commitment to the future of film, and that it was announced at a special evening where our students were showing their work made it all the more exciting. Film studies is one of our strongest programs and that's the reason we're getting this type of support.”

CSULB's Film and Electronic Arts Department has a reputation for the professional creativity of its faculty, students and alumni. Currently, two student films are ranked in the top 10 nationally, and last year, Long Beach students won four of the top five awards at the California State University Media Arts Festival.

“The Department of Film and Electronic Arts is greatly honored and deeply appreciative of the contribution from George Lucas,” said Craig Smith, chair of the Film and Electronic Arts Department. “It will be used to further strengthen our dedication to providing the best undergraduate degree in this discipline in the state.”

Alumni of the program include director Steven Spielberg; John Dykstra, who won an Academy Award for visual effects for “Star Wars”; David Twohy, who wrote “The Fugitive” and “Terminal Velocity” as well as writing and directing “Pitch Black” and “The Chronicles of Riddick”; Mark Steven Johnson, who wrote and directed “Daredevil”; Guy Bee, who was director of photography and director of several episodes of “ER”; and Stu Rosen, who won 11 Emmys for his work in children's television.




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