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Vol 56 No. 15 | Nov. 2004
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Ray Briggs, Music, presented a paper titled "Integration of Disintegration?: The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement on the Memphis Jazz Tradition" at the Society for Ethnomusicology's 49th Annual Conference held Nov. 3-7 in Tucson.

Michael Connor, Psychology, presented a workshop,"Issues in Domestic Violence" at the Relationship Training Institute in San Diego, June 13; presented a paper, "Multicultural Counseling: Offering Competent and Professional Services," at the Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences in Honolulu, June 16-18; presented a paper, "Psychologists in the Community: Programs that Work" at the American Psychology Association Annual Conference, in Honolulu, July 28-Aug. 1; presented a workshop, "Mentoring Fathers, Strengthening Families" at CityMatch's Annual Urban MCH Leaders Conference in Portland, Sept. 11- 13; presented a workshop, "Involving Fathers in Children's Lives," at The Black Child Development Institute's Annual Conference in Los Angeles, Sept. 19-21; presented a workshop, "Elements for Effective Group Counseling," at Hawaii Job Corps, in Waimanelo, Hawaii., Oct. 19; presented a paper, "Incorporating the Multicultural Guidelines for Competent Service Delivery," at Hawaii Psychological Association's Annual Conference in Honolulu, Oct 10-12; was an invited participant at McGraw-Hill Teaching Abnormal Psychology Symposium in Chicago, Nov. 4-7; and was a contibutor to Rough and Tumble Play, Help Me Grow Series, KOCE-TV Foundation in Long Beach, Nov. 10.

Avery Goldstein and Wendy Reiboldt, Family and Consumer Sciences, published an article on the multiple roles of low-income minority women in the family and community in The Qualitative Report in 2004. Goldstein and Reiboldt also made a presentation on the topic of “Early Childhood Professionals Salary: Implications for the Future” to the Western Family Economic Educators Conference held in Honolulu on Oct. 27-29. Barbara White and Goldstein of Family Consumer Services joined with C. Chiricos to make a presentation on “Supporting School Readiness: The Role Of Ongoing Assessment” presented at the National Association for the Education of Young Children's 13th National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development held in Baltimore, June 20-23.  

William A. Mulligan, Journalism, presented a refereed paper, "Influence of International Terrorism on Censorship of U.S. Media," at the international-intercultural communications conference, Global Fusion 2004: Strife in the Global Village, Oct. 29-31, in St. Louis. The conference was sponsored by Ohio University, Purdue University-Calumet, Southern Illinois University, and the University of Texas-Austin. The Global Fusion Conference is endorsed by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Broadcast Education Association, International Association for Media and Communication Research, and International Communication Association.

Book Review

The Moral Ideal in Ancient Egypt Book review

Maat: The Moral Ideal in Ancient Egypt, A Study in Classical African Ethics

Maulana Karenga, professor of Black Studies.

The New York and London-based Routledge Press published Professor Karenga's newest book in 2004. The 458-page treatise on Egyptian ethical thought known as Maat deals with the usefulness of Maat as a resource for modern moral discourse and philosophical reflection on critical moral issues. Maatian includes chapters on the Maat ideal as it develops through the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms and Late Period of ancient Egyptian history. Moreover, it offers a critical discussion of Maatian theology, ontology, anthropology and ecological thought as well as an extended treatment of the Maatian concept of worthiness before the Divine, nature and other humans. Maat opens with a preface by one of the world's most distinguished Egyptologists, Professor Jan Assmann of Heidelberg University and has won the prestigious annual Cheikh Anta Diop International Conference Ankh Award for Best Book in Afrocentric Theory. Karenga is the founder of the pan-African holiday Kwanzaa, which has become an international holiday celebrated by more than 26 million people throughout the world. He is also author of the authoritative text on Kwanzaa titled: Kwanzaa: A Celebration of Family, Community and Culture. Among his other publications are Odu Ifa: the Ethical Teachings; Selections From the Husia: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt; and Introduction to Black Studies, the most widely used introductory text in the discipline.

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