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Vol 56 No. 14 | Nov. 2004
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By Rick Gloady

Some 150 students from CSULB braved the early morning hours and camped it up with KABC-TV weatherman Garth Kemp on Oct. 21, as the campus was one of four featured during the network affiliate's second annual "College Week" presentation.

In a parody of "The Beach" life, students donned wet suits, brought surfboards and boogie boards and even put a few donuts "on the barbi" (unlit, of course) to show the wackier side of the 49er spirit. Even Kemp got into the act, at one point putting on a wig for the long-haired surfer look and laying down on a long skate board to show how low he could limbo.

"This was fun. It was a lot more Southern California nutty (compared to the other campuses)," said Kemp, after wrapping up the filming at about 7:30 a.m. "There were a lot more local (Southern California) students here, and it was definitely the nuttiest school I've gone to yet."

CheerleadersThe segments began airing live on Channel 7, KABC-TV, at 5 a.m. during its morning newscast. About every 10 minutes, the show would go live to the campus for Kemp's weather report or a tease for the next segment coming from the university. Kemp also took time to talk with students and gave them an opportunity to say hello to their families and friends.

After the live segments, Kemp and his cameraman taped several other segments with CSULB students that were shown later during Channel 7's two-hour coverage (7-9 a.m.) of  "Good Morning, America." The taped segments were shown during "Good Morning, America" breaks for the local weather.

The two-and-a-half hour event included performances by the university's award-winning dance team and national champion cheer teams as well as an interview with men's volleyball coach Alan Knipe, the 2004 National Coach of the Year, and members of his 2004 NCAA runner-up champion team.

Other Southern California campuses featured during the station's "College Week" presentations were Loyola Marymount, UC Irvine and the University of Redlands. Cal State Northridge was also scheduled, but Wednesday's inclement weather forced KABC to postpone its appearance.

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