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Vol 56 No. 13 | Oct. 2004
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John D'Amicantonio, Teacher Education and Asian/Asian American Studies Librarian, was chosen by the Special Libraries Association (SLA) as this year's recipient of the Anne Galler Award for Professional Excellence. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of education librarianship through noteworthy presentations, mentoring of others, and participation in programs and seminars that advance the goals of the Education Division of SLA. Soon after receiving this honor, D'Amicantonio began a one year professional leave during which he will pursue his longtime interests in working with libraries in other countries to develop their collections and services through the U.S. Department of State.

Gail Frank, Family and Consumer Sciences, was a keynote speaker for the Bea Marks Communication Plenary Session, Society of Nutrition Education, in Salt Lake City on July 20. A faculty representative on the CSULB Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Advisory Board, her topic was "Nutrition and the Media - Packaging Messages for Safe Alcohol Intake."  Also, she was moderator and a speaker discussing the impact of healthy lifestyles on the risk of osteoporosis in women on a panel at the national meeting of the American Dietetic Association held in Anaheim, Oct. 2-5.

Jack Hou, Economics, presented “Gender Segregation in the Labor Markets: The Effect of China” at the Chinese Economists Society's Summer Conference 2004 titled “Technology, Human Capital and Economic Development,” held in Atlanta, July 31-Aug. 1. He contributed the chapter “Rural Reform and the Welfare Impact on Urban Workers: An Analytical Approach” to Urbanization and Social Welfare in China. Also, Hou was elected to the executive council of the Western Social Science Association.  

M. B. Khan, CBA/Information Systems, had an article published in the Journal of Business and Economics Research, Vol. 2, No. 6. The article, "Barriers to B2C Segment of E-Business," was co-authored with Merle Maryin of CSU Sacramento.  

Henry Po and Chosu Khin, Chemistry, have published a paper titled "Kinetics and Mechanism of the Oxidation of a Cyclic Thioamide by Silver (II)-cyclam" in the August issue of the Journal of Coordination Chemistry, Vol. 57, pages 1015-1026.  

Book Review

Book review

Managing Long-Term Care

by Connie Evashwick and James Riedel

Managing Long-Term Care by Health Care Administration’s Connie Evashwick and James Riedel. Published in 2004 by the Health Administration Press, Managing Long-Term Care introduces management concepts that can be applied to a wide range of long-term care settings, including provider, payer or regulatory organizations. The authors explore the thinking required for decision-making, present a framework for working with various issues and offer sources for more information. It is a practical look at the daily management challenges found in the long-term care environment. Managing Long Term Care explores such topics as human resources, management teams, information systems, strategic planning, marketing, quality assurance, ethics and financial management.

The book also features two chapters that offer a guide to health care professionals for managing their careers. In a time when it is becoming clearer and clearer that unique considerations associated with long-term care make managing LTC services different from managing a hospital, Managing Long Term Care provides an excellent resource for new LTC managers as well as LTC professionals entering managerial positions.

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