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Vol 56 No. 13 | Oct. 2004
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Donald H. Simonsen, professor of chemistry emeritus and former acting president of CSULB, died Sept. 27 in Wheeler, Ore., at age 83.

Simonsen joined the faculty in 1956 and later served in various academic and administrative capacities including chair of the Physical Science and Mathematics Department and Chemistry Department, associate dean of instruction and academic vice president.

Upon the resignation of President Carl W. McIntosh in 1969, Simonsen was appointed acting president by The California State Colleges board of trustees. He served from September 1969 to August 1970 when Stephen Horn assumed the presidency, then returned to teaching in the Chemistry Department.

Simonsen's presidency came amidst the political turmoil experienced at many colleges in the late 1960s, but also included the inauguration of the campus Black Studies program and several campus construction projects including the Student Union, engineering and psychology buildings and a library addition.

He earned a B.A. from Reed College, a M.A. from Oregon State College and a Ph.D. from Indiana University. He previously was a research scientist for Upjohn Co.

He is survived by his wife Norma, four children and three grandchildren.

Edmund A. Cotta, professor emeritus of marketing, died June 11. He was 82. Cotta was a member of the CSULB faculty from 1958-91 and served as chair of the Marketing Department for 12 years. In cooperation with the U.S. Small Business Administration, he conducted an eight-week seminar for sales personnel at CSULB. He frequently consulted with national and local firms regarding marketing opportunities for established and new products.

Helen C. Gilde-Manning, professor emeritus of English, died Aug. 23. Gilde-Manning taught English literature at CSULB from 1959-94. During her tenure, she served as chair of the English Department, the first woman chair of the Academic Senate and CSULB representative to the statewide Academic Senate. She was the recipient of the Nicholas P. Hardeman Academic Leadership Award in 1994.

Lucille McD. Logan, assistant professor emeritus of biological sciences, died July 2003. Logan taught at CSULB from 1964-75. She served on several departmental committees including the Allied Health Professions committee, and she was active in the American Cancer Society and the American Society of Microbiology, Southern California branch. She also served as a liaison with the Long Beach Veterans Administration Hospital.

Clara G. Rodney, professor emeritus of teacher education, died in May. Rodney taught at CSULB from 1968-83. A specialist in early childhood education of the poor and culturally diverse, she worked with the George Washington Elementary School in Compton. She also served as a consultant to the Stanford Research Institute, reviewing the instruments and designs used for testing the effectiveness of Head Start programs.

Paul W. Stroud, professor emeritus of music, died Dec. 24. He was 82. During his tenure from 1957-80, Stroud taught organ as a degree option. He also served as the faculty advisor for Phi Mu Alpha Simfonia, Cappa Omicron chapter. He was widely known for his performances on the CSULB carillon bells.


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