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Vol 56 No. 12 | Oct. 2004
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Elizabeth L. Ambos, Academic Affairs;  Richard Behl, R. D. Francis, María-Teresa Ramírez-Herrera, and Gregory Holk, Geological Sciences; Daniel O. Larson, Anthropology; Christine M. Rodrigue, Suzanne P. Wechsler and Christopher T. Lee , Geography; David J. Whitney , Psychology; and Shellinda Barré, Student Access to Science, wrote a paper titled "GDEP (Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Program): An NSF-OEDG Program Emphasizing Integrated Geoscience Research in Urban Areas," which was presented by Ambos to the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology, Tucson, in June.

Rick Behl, Geological Sciences, is the first and presenting author with Elizabeth L. Ambos, Academic Affairs; Daniel O. Larson, Anthropology; R. Daniel Francis, Gregory Holk, Geological Sciences; Christopher T. Lee, Christine M. Rodrigue and Suzanne P. Wechsler, Geography; and David Whitney, Psychology, of a paper titled "Hunting for Students: Outreach and Retention Strategies in a Competitive Urban Market" to the Geological Society of America conference held in Denver in November.  

James R. Curtis, Geography, had a chapter titled " Barrio Space and Place in Southeast Los Angeles" in Hispanic Spaces, Latino Places: Community and Cultural Diversity in Contemporary America, an anthology edited by Daniel D. Arreola and published by the University of Texas Press.

Vincent Del Casino, Geography and Liberal Studies, published an article titled "Scaling Health and Health Care: Re-presenting Thailand's HIV/AIDS Epidemic With World Regional Geography Students in a U.S. College Classroom" in the Journal of Geography in Higher Education. He also presented a paper, "Rethinking Regions and Regionalization in the Context of World Regional Geography" to the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers' annual conference in September, where he also chaired a session titled "Theorizing and Teaching the Region."

Art Gittleman, Computer Engineering and Computer Science, authored a book C# .NET Illuminated, which was published in July by Jones and Bartlett. This book differs from his Computing with C# and the .NET Framework, published last year in using the Visual Studio environment for rapid application development.  

Christine L. Jocoy, Geography, published "Vying for Hearts and Minds: Emotional Labour as Management Control," in Labour and Industry: A Journal of the Social and Economic Relations of Work. Additionally, she had two book reviews published in Regional Studies. The first was of Knowledge, Learning and Regional Development edited by V. Lo and E.W. Schamp, while the second was of Industrial Districts: Evolution and Competitiveness in Italian Firms by I. Paniccia.

Beth Lau, English, published two articles, "Placing Jane Austen in the Romantic Period: Self and Solitude in the Works of Austen and the Male Romantic Poets" in European Romantic Review 15 (2004) and "Sense and Sensibility and Tintern Abbey: Growth and Maturation" in The Wordsworth Circle 35 (2004). She also read a paper titled "Home, Displacement and Wanderlust in Jane Austen's Fiction" at the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism Conference in Boulder, Colo., Sept. 9-12.  

Paul Laris, Geography, had a chapter, "Grounding Environmental Narratives: The Impact of a Century of Fighting Against Fire in Mali," published in African Environment and Development: Rhetoric, Programs, Realities, edited by William G. Mosely and B. Ikubolagheh Logan and published by Ashgate in the UK.

Christine M. Rodrigue, Geography , presented a paper titled "Disaster by Management: Managerialism and Normal Accident Theory in the Columbia Accident and FBI Headquarters' Response to Field Office Concerns Before 9/11," to the invitation-only Annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop in Boulder, Colo., in July.

Christine M. Rodrigue, Suzanne P. Wechsler, Christopher T. Lee, Geography; Elizabeth L. Ambos, Academic Affairs, Richard Behl, R. D. Francis, María-Teresa Ramírez-Herrera, Gregory Holk, Geological Sciences, Daniel O. Larson, Anthropology; David J. Whitney, Psychology, and Shellinda Barré, Student Access to Science, wrote and Rodrigue presented "GDEP (Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Program): An NSF-OEDG program emphasizing interdisciplinary Earth System Science research" to the Universities Space Research Association Conference on College and University Earth System Science Education for the 21st Century, in Monterey, in June.

Victor Rodriguez, Chicano and Latino Studies, reviewed an article in the spring of 2004 for Revista de Ciencias Sociales, a refereed journal of the Center for Social Science Research at the University of Puerto Rico. Earlier this year, he wrote an article “Republicans Develop a Three-Pronged Latino Strategy; Democrats Practice Benign Neglect” which was web published Jan. 13, in LatinoLa and in Hispanic Vista, Jan. 14. His analysis of the role of Latinos in Green politics “Browning the Greens: Building the Long Term Incorporation of Latinos into the Political System” was web published Sept. 14, in LatinoLA Forum and another version was web published on Sept. 17 in Hispanic Vista. He led a five-day training for the Washington State North Central Washington Coalition to Dismantle Racism, a coalition which includes the Cascade School District, social services organizations and local congregations titled “Anti-Racism Organizing Seminar” in Leavenworth, Wash., June 17-22. He gave two lectures during the EOP Summer Bridge Program, “Introduction to Chicano and Latino Studies,” a lecture and quiz in Spanish for 85 students and parents on July 10, and “Introduction to Chicano/Latino Culture” on Aug. 13, at CSULB.

Julie Van Camp, Philosophy, published "Visual Culture and Aesthetics," in Arts Education Policy Review 106:1, Sept./Oct.; “Female-Friendly Departments: A Modest Proposal for Picking Graduate Programs in Philosophy,” in American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, 03:02, spring; and a review titled “Interpretation and Construction: Art, Speech, and the Law, by Robert Stecker,” in the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, LXII, Summer.  

Dmitrii Sidorov, Geography, presented "Corporate Re-scaling of the City: The Geographical Construction of Urban Lightscapes in Soviet and Post-Soviet Moscow" at the Estonian Academy of Arts Conference: Constructed Happiness -- The Domestic Environment in the Cold War Era, Tallinn, Estonia, in May.

Ray Sumner, Geography, was the first and presenting author (with Joan Clemmons), of "Tom Down Under: McKnight's Relationship with the Fifth Continent," at the annual meeting of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers in San Luis Obispo in September 2003.

Judith Tyner, Geography , had an article, "Stitching the World: Westtown School's Embroidered Globes," in Piecework Magazine.

Maria Viera, Theatre Arts, has completed the second edition of Dave Viera's Lighting for Film and Digital Cinematography, a text published by Wadsworth Publishing in July.

Suzanne P. Wechsler, Geography, published "Perceptions of Digital Elevation Model Uncertainty by DEM Users" in the Journal of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association. She also presented "How Well Does a Digital Elevation Model Represent Terrain?" to the American Water Resources Association Specialty Conference on GIS and Water Resources, Nashville, Tenn., in May.

James Woods, Geography, was interviewed by CSULB President Robert C. Maxson about his work on mapping wildfire hazard in Southern California for the Channel 3's "Beach View" talk show.

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Book Review

Book review

Managing Long-Term Care

by Connie Evashwick and James Riedel

Managing Long-Term Care by Health Care Administration’s Connie Evashwick and James Riedel. Published in 2004 by the Health Administration Press, Managing Long-Term Care introduces management concepts that can be applied to a wide range of long-term care settings, including provider, payer or regulatory organizations. The authors explore the thinking required for decision-making, present a framework for working with various issues and offer sources for more information. It is a practical look at the daily management challenges found in the long-term care environment. Managing Long Term Care explores such topics as human resources, management teams, information systems, strategic planning, marketing, quality assurance, ethics and financial management.

The book also features two chapters that offer a guide to health care professionals for managing their careers. In a time when it is becoming clearer and clearer that unique considerations associated with long-term care make managing LTC services different from managing a hospital, Managing Long Term Care provides an excellent resource for new LTC managers as well as LTC professionals entering managerial positions.

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