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Vol 56 No. 12 | Oct. 2004
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Workers' Comp Update

Workers' Compensation, mandated and regulated by the state of California Labor Code, provides medical and income benefits to employees injured on the job or who become ill due to a job-related condition.

By law, employees may choose to be treated by their personal physicians rather than the industrial carrier provided by the university. However, employees must file an Employee Pre-designation of Personal Physician form in advance of any illness or injury.  A Personal Physician must meet all of the following conditions:

  • The physician is your regular physician licensed as an M.D. or D.O.
  • The physician is your primary care physician and has previously directed your medical treatment and who retains your medical records, including your medical history.
  • The  physician agrees to be pre-designated.

The Employee Pre-designation of Personal Physician form can be found online through the Division of Administration and Finance web site at http://daf.csulb.edu/forms/bhr/safetyrisk/index.html. If any employee is unable to access this form through the web site, please contact Cheryl Velasco at 562/985-2366.

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