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Vol 56 No. 10 | Sept. 2004
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Library Remodeling Continues

During the summer, library personnel were very busy preparing for the remodel of the University Library. The staff’s goal was to remove all collections from the east side of the building so construction could begin as soon as possible for the new offices and classrooms for the College of Liberal Arts. Happily, they achieved that goal.

“ We moved and reorganized an enormous number of books and journals over a three-month period,” said Roman Kochan, Dean of Library Services. “We couldn’t have done it without an army of student assistants whose work was led and coordinated by a superb facilities crew of Robert and Scott Ferrari and Efren Miranda.”

Since collections needed to be moved, the staff took the additional step of reorganizing on the west side as well. The chart below indicates where materials are now shelved. To make them easier to locate, bound journals have been separated from the book collections on the second and third floors and placed in rooms 205 and 322 in call number order.

Call Number Area(s) New Location / Floor
A – G (Books) 2nd Floor
A - HC (Periodicals) 2nd Floor, Room 205
H – P (Books) 3rd Floor
HT - PT (Periodicals) 3rd Floor, Room 322
Q – Z (Books and Periodicals) 4th Floor
Government Documents Lower Level Storage

Until the area can be remodeled to accommodate faculty offices and classrooms, a step that, unfortunately, had to be delayed to accommodate another round of contractor bidding, the third floor of the east library has been configured to serve as a quiet study area for students. The second floor east side will be closed to the public for the remainder of the remodel project.

During the spring semester some materials were temporarily stored during site preparations, but most of those have been returned to the shelves and are now available in their new locations. In addition, the CSULB Thesis Collection has been moved from room 205 and is now located around the perimeter of the second floor.

In order to keep the campus community informed of its progress at all times, the University Library is maintaining a remodel web page which is updated constantly.

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