California State University, Long Beach
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Staff Training Opportunities

Employee Discount Program

Staff Human Resources and University College and Extension Services (UCES) are pleased to offer the CSULB Staff Employee Discount Program for UCES Professional Development for non-credit courses and programs. This program entitles CSULB staff employed for six months or more (full-time temporary/permanent or part-time permanent) to a 30 percent discount on select UCES Professional Development courses and programs.

Covered under this program are the Human Resource Management Certificate program, Professional Meeting and Event Planning program, Global Logistics Specialist program, IT Technology and Engineering courses, AutoCAD and UNIX courses, Forensic Science and the High Tech Crime Certificate programs, Senior Level Human Resource Management Certificate program, and on-camera leadership courses. Courses in photography, animation and writing for TV are periodically offered.

Professional Development Grant Program

The Professional Development Grant Program, sponsored by Staff Human Resources, provides financial support for any staff employee who wants to pursue job-related and/or skill-enhancing training opportunities. Matching grants of up to $750 are available. For more information on the program or for grant application, go to the Staff Human Resources forms Web page.

Upcoming training sessions include:

Thursday, Oct. 2 / 9-11:30 a.m.
Ins and Out of the Position Description and Classication Process
This workshop is designed to assist managers and staff members in understanding the classification process as well as to assist in creating and writing a proper position description. The first half of the workshop is dedicated to a discussion of the classification process, with tips for preparing for classification reviews, and the reclassification and classification appeals process. The second half is devoted to understanding, creating, and writing an accurate position description. Please bring a copy of a position description you are working on, or one you would like to create.

Friday, Oct. 3 / 9-10 a.m.
First Friday for Manager and Supervisors
Held in the University College and Extension Services' executive conference room, Foundation Building, Room 204, this is an informal training session loaded with need to know information. Facilitated by Tom Angell, Director of Staff Human Resources.

Monday, Oct. 6 / 9-11 a.m.
Employee Safety Training
Come and revisit campus safety policies, the University Injury and Illness Prevention Program, worker’s compensation basics, and fire extinguisher use. To register call Michelle Weber 562/985-2283.

Tuesday, Oct. 7 / 9-11 a.m.
Microsoft Office 2007
This introductory session includes a minute hands-on introduction to Word 2007, an overview of Excel 2007, and an intro to IE7. To register contact Kerri Sorenson 562/985-5901.

Wednesday, Oct. 8 / 9 a.m.-noon
Supervisory Skills Certificate Program
Topic: “Delegating and Meeting Deadlines.” Facilitated by Al Restivo. Attendance by invitation only.

Wednesday, Oct. 8 / 1-3 p.m.
Workers' Compensation
This session will provide information on work-related injury and illness reporting and the mechanics of the workers’ compensation program. To register call Michelle Weber 562/985-2283.

Tuesday, Oct. 13 / 9-11 a.m.
Hazard Communication
This sessionl instructs participants on the basics of the university's chemical hazard communication program. Included is how to read a material safety data sheet (MSDS), chemical container labeling, chemical hazards, chemical handling, and basic personal protective equipment. To register call Michelle Weber 562/985-2283.

Tuesday, Oct. 14 / 10 am-noon
Support Services
Facilitated by Procurement and Support Services. Everyone is invited to hear updated general information on the following areas — Departmental Copier Program, Mail Services, Materials Management, Procurement Card, University Print Shop, and the Quick Copy Center.

Monday, Oct. 20 / 9 a.m.-noon
Road To Success
Topic: “The Pro-Active Employee.” Facilitated by Vickie Hamilton. Attendance by invitation only.

Tuesday, Oct. 21 / 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
Legan Supervision: What Every Supervisor Needs to Know
Sponsored by the Chancellor’s Office, this workshop is a basic survival tool kit for the fundamentals of employment relations. You receive a thorough grounding in this vitally important topic, so that the next time you encounter a minefield you won’t trip and fall. For MPP employees only. There is a cost associated with this seminar. To register visit

Wednesday, Oct. 22 / 9 a.m.-noon
Supervisory Skills Certificate Program
Topic: “Facilitation Skills.” Facilitated by Tricia Webster. Attendance by invitation only.

Wednesday, Oct. 22 / 10 a.m.-noon
Office Ergonomics
This workshop instructs the participants how to set up their office work station to minimize repetitive motion injuries. Included are self evaluations, proper furniture adjustment, exercises, proper posture, and medical management of reported injuries. To register call Michelle Weber 562/985-2283.

Thursday, Oct. 23 / 9 a.m.-noon
Time, Stress, and Balance
This workshop is designed to help you identify, practice, and plan ways to better balance your work life, using strategies related to both time and stress management. You will be given tools to help you design your workday to enhance your productivity and creativity. Time savers and stress reduction tactics that can unclog bottlenecks at work and improve focus will be discussed and practice techniques that can improve your time management skills and reduce your stress will be provided. Facilitated by Tricia Webster.

“Classes and Events” are brought to you by Staff Training and Development, part of Staff Human Resources in Human Resources Management, BH 335. Register online or contact Berta Hanson at 5‐8798 for more information.