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Author of the Month

Language Intervention for School-Age Students: Setting Goals for Academic Success

Geraldine Wallach, Communicative Disorders

Published in 2008 by the St. Louis-based Mosby/ Elsevier, Language Intervention is a practical text aimed at helping children with language learning disabilities to acquire the language skills and strategies they need to succeed in school. Going beyond the traditional approach to language disorders in school-age populations, the book supplements a theoretical understanding of language intervention with a wealth of practical strategies to improve learning outcomes for children and adolescents. Discussions of real-life examples help to promote evidence-based practices. Case histories and treatment strategies help readers to better understand student challenges and to develop reliable methods to help achieve their learning goals. Key features of the book include questions in each chapter that put concepts in their appropriate context, in-depth coverage of topics aimed at debunking common myths in communicative disorders and overviews of chapter content for quick familiarization with complex topics. Wallach describes Language Intervention as a non-traditional look at language intervention for children with identified language learning disabilities. “It is a departure from traditional speech and language approaches because it talks about looking at what children have to accomplish in each grade,” said the member of the university since 2000. “Very often speech and language pathologists administer batteries of tests to determine the areas of language that need work. But almost as often, they don’t take the next step which involves observing in the classroom and analyzing curricular demands. This book helps school-based clinicians link these elements of assessment.” Wallach received her bachelor’s degree in theater arts from Long Island University, her master’s in speech and language pathology from New York University and her Ph.D. in speech and hearing sciences from the City University of New York in 1977.

Language Intervention Book Cover